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We are very pleased to offer manufacturing services for the production of mechanical irises.
Our expertise has been gained from working within the lighting industry for many years.
The Sussex Iris Company can design and manufacture irises to suit your application, with either manual or motorised control.
Our vast experience in machining will ensure your products are made to a very high quality.
Whether your requirements are with stage and theatre lighting, laser, opto or scientific instruments or if you need to control the flow of light,
fluids or air, please get in touch as we would be happy to assist you.

We can offer CAD design, images, animation and full engineering drawings and will liase with you at every stage of your products cycle.
If you need low or high volume iris supply or a working sample of a new design, please get in touch with us.

The Sussex Iris Company designs and manufactures precision iris mechanisms for traditional and modern moving light fixtures.
We will be constantly expanding our product range and developing new ideas to advance our customer`s need for robust and precise
iris operation.

Our design experience stems from many years in mechanical engineering, precision machining and iris manufacture.
We will endeavour to provide reliable mechanical instruments that compliment the wonderful array of fixtures used in this exciting age
of stage and theatre lighting.

Traditionally irises were used exclusively in theatres, but today there is a wide range of industries utilising the usefulness of these fantastic
We have been happy to provide iris designs for use in high tech laser applications, research and development projects with non-disclosure
agreements in place as needed.

The Sussex Iris Company is fortunate to have joined forces with Epal Engineering, a long established sub-contract precision engineering
company that utilise a wide range of full CNC controlled machinery, including cnc milling, turning and wire erosion.
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